To help us expediate the process, please do the following:

- Drive through the car line to pick up and drop off your child.

* There is no crosswalk pick up or front door drop-off.

* There is no pick up from the building.

- Have the yellow car tag visible in the car when in line for pick-up.

* Take it down once your child is inside the car.

- Remain in your car and allow us to open the door for your child to enter.

- If your child is unable to buckle themselves, please pull forward past the 6 carpool slots to assist them.

- If the person picking up a student does not have the car tag, please do not enter the pick-up line, pull into a parking spot, come inside the building with a valid ID and the receptionist will run the ID to see if you are on the student pick up list. We will not release a student to anyone not listed in Skyward!

Once you are given a yellow car tag, go back into car line to pick up the child.

You may choose to wait in the lobby until the lines are done to receive your child.