The Exploration pod includes the following classrooms: Tropics, Ocean, Savanna, Polar. Each pod was uniquely designed to help students learn through interactive experiences. Find out more about the classrooms by reading the program intent behind each experience within the Exploration pod.


Ocean classroom photo

The ocean is teeming with life. Be it by scuba or by submarine, let your imagination swim with the fishes. Drag your fingers through the touchtank and let the ocean wash through your hands. Paddle across the Mariana trench and bellow like a whale to let your briny buddies know you did it. Ink up a fish and make your mark while doing gyotaku. Discover pirate treasures in the depths of the drink, and learn the value of our world’s waterways. Remember to share as you are snacking on sushi, the students in this school are never shellfish.


Polar classroom photo

Even the coldest places on Earth are abundant with life. March with the penguins through a magical part of our planet that is populated with birds that swim, whales with horns, and adorable looking bears you never want to meet. Suit up in your winter wear, don a blubber glove, and learn how warming up in this wintry world is really done. Work with your friends to piece together an igloo and find shelter from the cold. Gather your supplies, grab a frozen snack for the trip, and set out into the sub-zero surroundings to discovery how lively this seemingly silent landscape really is.


Savanna classroom photo

The savanna is not desert. Dance and sing to the sounds of the Swahili. Sway and trumpet with a herd of elephants. Connect with your wild side as you wander the watering hole imitating impala and getting wild with wildebeest. Just don’t make a monkey of yourself with the baboons. Get your pith helmets in place and grab your binoculars. Keep your peepers peeled as you zip through a zeal of zebra. Tap a tune on the drums and sing along with the songs of the Serengeti. Open your eyes and your hearts to the excitement of this magical oasis and become part of this special herd.


Tropics classroom photo

The rainforests are the most diverse places on the planet. Capture the unbridled energy of the tropics as you hop and hoot like some of the creatures that live there. Tap a rhythm on some drums or play piano with your thumbs while connecting with the local cultures. Take notes, draw sketches and capture your experience in your very own naturalist journal. Check in on how the monarch butterflies are coming along, and make sure the giant millipede has water in its terrarium. Take a closer look at a bounty of buggie buddies under a magnifier. Look up, look down, look all around as you try to discover everything the Tropics have to offer.