The Interaction pod includes the following classrooms: Community, Construction, Savvy's Market, Our World. Each pod was uniquely designed to help students learn through interactive experiences. Find out more about the classrooms by reading the program intent behind each experience within the Interaction pod.


Community classroom photo

It takes many people filling many roles to make a community work. Step into the city center and discover what makes the day to day operations do-able. Pick an occupation and walk a mile in their shoes, all while starting to see the important parts we all play. Do some sightseeing as you drive a truck around town, hitting all the destinations on the map. Run a mailman’s route or follow a firefighter on a call. Find out who designs our classrooms or cares for our ill. Make a connection with the many people who make our world great. Step up on the podium to tell the class what you are thinking, while also creating a forum where others can be heard. Every day spent in the community is a chance to become part of something special.


Construction classroom photo

You are capable of making amazing things. Cinch up your safety vest, lace up your boots and get ready to make a difference in the world around you. Review the drawings before grabbing your gear and heading to your section of the site. Operate the crane like a pro, deftly moving mountains of material to-and-fro across the construction zone. Gather your crew and break out the blue blocks as you work together to build something new. Follow someone else’s dream or draw up your own as you define the form and function of the next structure on the street. Grab a workbench and raid the job box before picking a plan and building your own future.

Savvy's Market

Savvy's Market classroom photo

Food comes from somewhere other than the refrigerator. Head down to the farm and pick through the freshest produce as you forage through furrows. Hunt for eggs to take to market as you get going to the grocery and  check your shopping list to make sure you don’t forget anything while you are there. Plan a few meals and fill a shopping cart with ingredients as you delight in the delicacies you have in store for the week. After stocking  the fridge, take a trip to the food truck waiting across the way. Be it as a patron or a chef, these rolling restaurants make for a perfect chance to place an order and try something new. Enjoy the fruits of the labor it took to get your food from farm to table.

Our World

Our World classroom photo

There are powerful forces at work on the planet. Touch and tweak the live energy of a plasma tube. Dance a rain dance or just ask for the forecast. Lighten up the day with squishy circuits made from play dough. Make your own electricity with wind, sun, and even a potato. Jump across the lava flow to story time, but listen closely, because the Tesla Coil is charging. Zap your neighbor with a balloon and recharge yourself on a carpet square. Take a seat and put the elements right where they belong. In Our World students will grow closer to each other while learning exactly how their world goes ‘round.