he Investigation pod includes the following classrooms: My Greenhouse, Pet Central, Wonderful, Amazing Me and Zoo. Each pod was uniquely designed to help students learn through interactive experiences. Find out more about the classrooms by reading the program intent behind each experience within the Investigation pod.

My Greenhouse

Greenhouse classroom photo

The backyard is more exciting than a game console. Put the power to grow in the children’s hands. Move soil and seed, add water and love, and instill the belief that with care comes fruit...and veggies. Show plants at different stages in the life cycle to connect with a sense of time. Plan gardens and build flower beds to create an eye for the future. Have kids turn over a new leaf and discover the wonders that await in a backyard bug hunt. Gather around the garden shed and enjoy a healthy snack while learning where much of our food comes from.

Pet Central

Pet central classroom photo

By learning how to care for pets, kids learn how to care for each other. Pick a pet and start connecting. Visit the pet store and decide what supplies you’ll need to keep your newfound friend happy and healthy. Make an appointment at the vet to get a checkup, or grab a brush to groom your furry amigo. Put your paws on some dress-up costumes and pretend you’re the new neighborhood mascot. Most of all, spend some time caring for something, or someone else.

Wonderful, Amazing Me

Wonderful amazing me classroom photo

Their health is in their hands. Kids need to know that the relationship they have with their body and mind is the foundation to a healthy and happy life. Provide a forum to explore being active. Build confidence striking a yoga pose or running a few laps. Give them the best fuels for the mind and body and they’ll be running like a top. Make dental care and hygiene a daily habit by making it fun. Position health and well-being as something that is within a kid’s control, even if it is accomplished with play and snack times. Create opportunities to be active participants in each other’s lives, and celebrate what make us different while shining a spotlight on what connects us all together.


Zoo classroom photo

There is an amazing amount of diversity in the world of animals. Introduce awe-inspiring amphibians and put marvelous mammals on display. Create opportunities to see, touch, taste and smell like creatures from across the globe. Partner with the local zoo to make memories that will that will last a lifetime. Teach that beauty is in everything, even the most bizarre seeming critters. Explore habitats and build your own zoo. Inspire the natural curiosity that children have in a way that builds empathy for the well-being of Earth’s non-human inhabitants. Oh yeah, make sure to feed the class pets...tree frogs.