The Navigation pod includes the following classrooms: Let's Get Going, Journey in Time, Space, Wonderland. Each pod was uniquely designed to help students learn through interactive experiences. Find out more about the classrooms by reading the program intent behind each experience within the Navigation pod.

Let's Get Going

There is a big world out there, waiting to be experienced. Be it by land, sea, or air, a new variety of possibilities will be laid out in front of the children. The concept of waiting to explore should be set aside, and in its place, an understanding that we can carry ourselves on whatever path we want. Passports can be stamped with accomplishments along the way. Planning for the trip can become a priority. A sense of “Let’s Go!” will be built into every activity. From a long drive in the car, to kayaking the river, kids will know that opportunities are out there, begging to be found.

Journey in Time

The world was once ruled by mighty lizards. Long ago, which for many kids simply means “before today,” the landscape of Texas was dramatically different. Creatures of the most unimaginable types roamed the Earth. Through dress-up, imitation, and uncovering fossils, a picture can be painted as to what it may have been like living with these prehistoric neighbors. Curl up in a dinosaur’s nest or stomp around prowling for your next meal. Walk a mile in some dino shoes and leap into another era.


We are part of something bigger. The beauty and grandness of space will encourage children to look up, much like the astronomers of old, and discover our place in the universe. Planets will offer lessons on scale, material exploration, and even empathy. At times, they will align with modern media messages by offering a journey to Mars. Kids will connect the stars to make constellations, give planets new names, and learn why Earth is different than neighboring planets in our solar system. Most of all, they will learn to lay back, gaze at the stars and wonder what is out there.


Anyone can have a story worth telling and everyone is worth being heard. Countless costumes and characters help facilitate getting children to use their own voices. At all turns, Wonderland creates outlets for expression. Areas for both scripted and improvisational storytelling line the room. Take classic tales and use them as a chance for kids to make decisions, solve problems, and even build dreams. By providing opportunities to fill existing roles, you teach sequencing and how to follow directions. Though sometimes, it is best to let them write the ending of the story and let their imaginations run wild.